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About us

The first issue of this magazine was released in Autumn 2019. It was the first time Othisi High School had attempted to create a digital magazine, in which students from different parts of Greece and various European countries would share their posts.

In the summer of 2019 some of our teachers came up with the idea of using eTwinning as a tool for creating this magazine. They held meetings to discuss the various possibilities before starting making plans and learning more about eTwinning projects.

Then each teacher (or groups of teachers) tried to find partners from other schools so as to motivate their students to learn more about the school subjects they are interested in. Once they had found one or more partners teaching the same subject from Greece or other countries, they created their TwinSpace, an online platform where students studying a common subject do digital activities such as creating collaborative projects or exchanging views on various topics in a forum. The posts on Student Voice are based on the work done during these activities.

Our newly established eTwinning Club has been trying to organise the digital layout of Student Voice, including the Home Page and the News section.

One of our goals in the near future is to encourage students from other partner schools to help us organise Student Voice even better by sending us comments and ideas about the magazine.

We would like to stress that because our magazine is created by students, there may be mistakes or imperfections (e.g. amateur videos, linguistic errors, texts may not be well structured, etc.).

We hope you will find our magazine interesting and inspirational as much as we do!

Othisi eTwinning Club

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