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Student Voice

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If you think that students are not creative anymore or that they lack collaboration skills, our new projects with old and new partners from different countries are bound to prove you wrong.

Just browse our magazine to see what we have achieved this year and focus on what catches your attention.

The Organising Team

“ You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”

– C.S.Lewis

Meet The Schools


Othisi High School

Othisi is a Senior and Junior High School which was founded in 2001. It is located in a northern suburb of Athens, Stamata. The school is not situated in a typical urban environment but it is built in a natural setting full of pine trees and fresh air.

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Galvani –Opromolla

The middle school “Galvani –Opromolla” is located in Angri, a village near the famous city of Pompeii, in Southern Italy.

It comes out in 2012 from the fusion of two middle schools: Galvani and Opromolla.

There are 936 students and 42 classes from grade 6 to grade 8.

The school is divided in two separate buildings and houses several laboratories: two ICT, one techno Lab, one artistic, one linguistic, two musical and an indoor gymnasium.

Teaching staff and students take part in many projects and activities and this year, for the first time, e-Twinning too has been introduced.

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Scuola Media Statale


Our school is located in the south of Italy, near the wonderful city of Naples.  The actual school was born in 2013  from the fusion of two separate secondary schools “Settembrini “ and ”Ciaramella “. It takes its name from Rita Levi Montalcini, one of the female scientist who most represented Italian research in the last century, struggling with incredible ardour so that public funding for research was maintained at congruous levels.

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Miguel de Cervantes High School 

Miguel de Cervantes High School is an important school in the centre of Bucharest where students can study Spanish from an early age. We are a big school, having both primary and secondary classes, which comprises a total number of 1087 students.

It was founded 60 years ago and since 2004 it has been a Bilingual school, benefitting from an agreement between our Ministry of Education and that of Spain. 

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Primary school in Morawica 

Our Primary School is located in a tiny town called Morawica in the Świętokrzyskie province. The students are between 5 and 15. In the same building there is a primary school and a kindergarten.

The school patron is a well known Polish writer Kornel Makuszyński who wrote books mainly for children.

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4O Γυμνάσιο Πολίχνης

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Şehit Mehmet Şengül Science High School

 Şehit Mehmet Şengül Science High School is located in Eskişehir, Turkey. As a science high school we have been active since 2016. In our school we have 480 students, 29 teachers, 24 classrooms. Also we have 3 labs, 1 music class and 1 art class, and project design studios 


Istituto Comprensivo "Ezio Giacich"

Our 50-year-old school has got about 1300 pupils in 7 different buildings and consists of 3 pre-primary schools (3-6), 3 primary schools (6-10) and one “middle school” (11-14). At the “middle school” there are 17 classes, about 380 students and about 40 teachers.

Primary school No 22

Włocławek, Poland

Primary School nr 22 is located in one of the residential areas of Włocławek, the town in central Poland.  It is the  state school. There are class from 1 to 8 grade,  3- 4 classes on each level. Most classes are mixed ability.  The mission of the school is to teach all students according to their abilities and talents, creating a learner-friendly environment. We motivate weak students to achieve the best results and help them to discover their strengths as well as good students to develop their knowledge and interests. The main purpose of our school is to help students acquire knowledge of the subject matters, in all possible ways, but also develop themselves responsibly as personalities free of constraints. The school offers a wide range of extracurricular activities where students are able to support skills gained in classes: creativity, physical fitness, interest in the arts, nature, and practical skills. The students are also involved in many sports events.

School's website:

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