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Missing Cervantes…

Since this pandemic began and especially during the lockdown period in March, us students of Miguel de Cervantes started missing certain aspects of our school. It started with people posting funny memories of their school days on their Instagram Stories, but soon an entire page was created on this platform specifically for sharing these little day-to-day aspects that made us enjoy all those hours of learning. From recalling the funny habits of our teachers to remembering the small gestures of kindness we experienced every day, we even began missing the things that used to make us nervous.

Allow me to translate some of the memories shared in this screenshot: 

I miss…

“…having water fights in the school yard during the dog days of summer”

“…walking down the halls in fear of a collision with one of the speeding lower grades”

“…cheating on the multiple choice tests”


To conclude, through this page we discovered how many of the aspects of school life we had taken for granted and we also managed to stay close to each other.

Liceul Bilingv "Miguel de Cervantes", 



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On 25th November, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, our school decided to hold a remote meeting to talk about this "phenomenon" with all the students of grade 8; all the students wore a red symbol, such as a cap, a t-shirt, a ribbon.

The meeting

lasted about an hour and it was very intense and meaningful hour.  Our emotions during this meeting were very strong, in each of us there was a lot of pain and sadness.

Some students had made drawings, written poems and texts to exhibit during the meeting. There was a lawyer of a local voluntary association who told us some stories on female abuse during the quarantine period; then she told her personal experience: unfortunately she herself has been mistreated for more than 10 years.

Below there are two drawings that our class made on that occasion: the first is an eye representing a woman who is undergoing mistreatment.

The second represents the male symbol that blocks the woman, depriving her of her freedom.

Nanco Di.

Luigi S.



Christmas is a special time of year at our school. Teachers and pupils organize various events that are connected with Polish Christmas traditions. One of them is a big theatre performance.

Pupils present the scene of Jesus's birth. They dance and sing carols. To create a Christmas atmosphere the school is decorated with handmade decorations. It makes everybody full of joy and hope.

Finally, our favorite activity is charity. We collect toys, food, and other items. Thanks to these, everyone can feel happy during the Christmas spirit. This is how we used to celebrate Christmas, however this year we are not able to meet because of coronavirus.

Hopefully next year everything will get back to normal.

Zespół Placówek Oświatowych,



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European Day of Languages 


In the context of the European Day of Languages, our school organised a creative activity.

The original activity was to draw the flags of European countries on paper sheets, but due to COVID-19 the students decided to draw the flags on protective masks to make the activity more meaningful.

The message the students wanted to send is that we are all in this epidemiological crisis together. 


Bottle Caps Donation

Every year our school collects bottle caps to donate to the Paraplegic Association of N. Pellas. The aim of this organisation is to aid physically disabled individuals by collecting bottle caps and transforming them into wheelchairs.

Did you know that it takes 540,000 bottle cups to buy a wheelchair?

This year our school placed separate recycle bins around the school so students could donate caps to the association.


At home but together!

There is no doubt this school year has been different. However, staying at home doesn’t mean feeling alone.

And that’s exactly what some young musicians tried to illustrate.

Students who play musical instruments performed the melody of “The Woodpecker Song” and our Music teacher put all their videos together.


School News Team,


National and European distinctions for project work in Student Voice

The project ‘History walks’ received a National Quality Label from the Greek National Support Service of eTwinning.

Students from Ioannina, Thessaloniki and Athens worked in mixed nationality groups and proposed trip destinations of historical interest in their areas.

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The project ‘Our English Corner’ received 5 National Quality Labels from the National Support Services of eTwinning in Greece, Italy, Poland and Romania and 5 European Quality Labels from the Central European Support Service of eTwinning.

Students from the partner schools chose the topics, tools and activities that interested them in order to create posts for Student Voice.     

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